Today is The Last Day to Save Our PTO

The Next PTO General Meeting and ELECTIONS will be on May 3rd.
Everyone is invited. Nominations for open 2017 – 2017 PTO Board Positions will be accepted through April 1, 2017.
If there are no nominations, the PTO is at risk of not being around next year.
Why should YOU join? We’ll, I don’t want you to miss out the good feelings I have about everything that the PTO does to help the students, teachers and staff. SERIOUSLY, it just makes you feel good and it helps your children develop an altruistic nature. I don’t want your children to miss out either.
There are also some negative effects when parents don’t step up. The PTO helps students, teachers, staff and the Candeo Community as a whole have a better experience. We try to make the journey more fun and a little easier.
-Without PTO Board Members none of this possible.
-Without PTO Board Members, enhancements and activities that enrich the educational experiences of our children just don’t happen.
-Without new PTO Board Members, there will not be a PTO next year.
Let’s not let our children and our teachers down! Every parent wants the best for their child and PTO involvement can help parents make noticeable, long-term improvements on behalf of their child, other students, the teachers, the staff and the community. Please step up now to help. Join the PTO Board or nominate someone else that you think would be an asset. Go to
Thank you for letting me be the Candeo PTO President for the past two year. It has been so much fun! If you have questions, please email me at
Gabby Gmyrek

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