Searching for a Sponsor for this Event

Have you heard the HYPE about the New J.K. Rollings Movie, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”? It’s set in New York City 70 years before Harry Potter started school at Hogwarts. This will probably be the biggest block buster of the year. Candeo is going to be there and we are looking for a sponsor for this awesome upcoming ‘Movie Event’.

Here’s the deal: We have reserved over 400 seats for the 10:00 AM showing at Notterra 14 and we are actively searching for a sponsor for this event.

PTO will be sending out flyers in Wed. Folders on  11/2 and 11/9.  Flyers will also go out to Middle Schoolers. We will also be posting and promoting on our website and on fb at and there will links in the Update that the school sends out weekly.

All flyers and other posts will include the sponsors Name, Website and a Photo or other business info. Just let us know what you would like to include.

Sponsors a can provide unique tickets to the movie if they wish.  This can be as simple as a small paper that says enjoy the movie and them includes your business info.

Sponsors can hand out any coupons or flyers or other promotional items of your choosing at the movie showing.

Sponsors are welcome to offer items for raffle the day of the movie showing.

The movie rental costs Candeo PTO $2,916.00..  We ask that sponsors donate a minimum of $1000 to directly go towards off setting the cost of the movie rental.

Canned PTO will be selling tickets to all Candeo students, families and friends.  Our goal is to have 400+ people in attendance the day of the show.

Let us know if you are interested.

Thanks so much for supporting Candeo,

– Candeo PTO

P.S.  Tickets are already on sale. Get your tickets toady at



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