Be in the Know – Know Where to Go

Dear Candeo Parents,

Happy October and end of Quarter 1!  Being with your children is a delight, and we love watching the academic and personal growth we have already witnessed in this seemingly short amount of time.  I can personally attest to the diligent work and thoughtful care of our entire staff on behalf of your children.  I observe it, I feel it, and I see its fruits.  

This morning at Candeo Connect, I was able to meet with a few of you to converse about the Candeo experience and hear what is on your minds. One recurring message is that you desire the Weekly Update to return (rather than monthly), and that the paper load of communication in Wednesday Folders be streamlined and more resource friendly.  In addition, you wanted to know how to best get information and from what source.  Together, we were able to put together ideas to move forward on these great suggestions. 

To start, you will receive a Weekly Update (every Wednesday) from us that includes just what you need to know, with the calendar right up front.  This begins today. This will eliminate the need to send multiple Updates on specific subjects, as this information will now be consolidated in the Weekly Update.  Further, our wonderful PTO flibe-in-the-knowers will be electronically communicated beginning the week after Fall Break, to include convenient links in our Update.  Next, a succinct listing of upcoming PTO events will be provided not only in the Update, but also on a half sheet in your Wednesday folder (as necessary).  As well, where there are paper copies of information, you will only receive one packet per family.  These copies will be in your youngest child’s folder only.  Finally, we are constructing a brief document that lets you know just where to go to find the information you seek. With our multiple ways of communicating, this document will assist you in just the right way for your family’s needs and preferences.

We hope you find these adjustments well placed.  Thank you, parents of Candeo Connect, for participating this morning with me in the planning session and offering to assist the school as needed.  Plus, it was just plain fun to get to know you better.

Have a wonderful rest of your week, and a happy Fall Break to all.

My best,

Stephanie Musser, Ed.D.

Head of School

Source: Candeo Weekly Update 10/5/16 5:14 PM

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