Candeo Schools Volunteer Training

Annual Volunteer Training

Monday, August 29 at 3:15

Candeo Parents who are kind enough to volunteer on campus during the school year, are required to attend this 40-minute training session. 
If you have attended in the past, volunteer badges are good for two years. 
 Please RSVP to
There are many ways to volunteer at Candeo, including the following:
  • Assisting in a classroom
  • Monitoring during lunch
  • Serving on a special event committee, such as grade level celebrations, book fairs, science fair, Bingo, etc.
  • Serving as Room Parent (organization of events, communication to parents, etc.)
  • Assisting at arrival and dismissal times
  • Completing projects at home, such as cutting out classroom materials or creating a flyer for an event.

Note: Candeo Peoria encourages parents to volunteer.  Many parents choose to participate on a regular basis and according to a schedule; others place a bulk of their hours at various times in the year.  Some parents choose to donate a financial equivalent of the hours in lieu of time. Younger siblings are typically not able to accompany parents during their volunteer work at the school.

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