So Sad to See You Go

Hello CANDEO PTO Members,

If you have already joined PTO for the 2016 -2017 school year, you ROCK!  If you have been a member for a long time, THANK YOU!  You make the PTO successful. You make it all happen. 

But…. what if you didn’t know what was going on at Candeo?  How would you know when to bring cookies or when your teacher needed Festival supplies.  What if you didn’t know when Bingo was going  to happen or if your help was needed setting up for the Daddy Daughter Dance?  Well, if you have not yet joined PTO for the 2016 -2017 school year, you just won’t know.  ;(  We are updating our email list soon and only current members will receive these emails.

That would be so SAD!  We would miss you. So, please take 30 seconds right now and join the PTO officially. Membership is alway OPEN.  Just CLICK HERE  and help us continue to support Candeo’s students, teachers and staff.  Thank you.


Members are NOT required to do anything, ever, but they will receive the following benefits.

Members receive regular emails from PTO that include calendar updates and volunteer opportunities.

Members are invited to General Meetings 6 times per year and may vote on upcoming calendar changes and financial obligations.

Members save money by recieving discounts to some of Candeo’s events.

Members are ALWAYS ‘in the know’ and they are connected to what’s going on the school and in their children’s classes. 

Get connected! Come and PLAY with Candeo PTO!

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