School Supplies

I know what you’re thinking… What will it be this year? That one item on your child’s back to school list that cannot be found. Not at any store, not anywhere on line.

When you order your back to school supply kit from 1st Day School Supplies, you receive the exact supplies your teacher requested delivered in a custom kit for your child!

So, this year, if your student is in K-5 don’t worry about that purple plastic folder with pockets and prongs! 1st Day School Supplies has you covered!

Get Your Student’s Back To School Supplies TODAY at

first day

Need the middle school supply list, as these are not available through 1st Day School Supplies? 

Here’s the Middle School Supply List

 loose leaf lined leaf paper

 10 composition notebooks

 graphing paper  1 binder (1.5”-2”)

 6 pocket folders (any solid color)

 2 sharpened pencils ready at all times

 10 red ink pens

 color pencils

 color markers

 10 dry erase markers

 1 black sharpie

 pencil pouch

 scissors

 glue

 1 personal pencil sharpener

 post-It notes (2 packs)

 index cards (3 packs)

 index card box

 1 Latin/English Dictionary

 graphing Calculator TI-84 Plus

 1 memory stick

 ruler

 Protractor

 4 boxes of tissue

 4 containers of disinfecting wipes

 2 rolls of paper towels

 1 bottle of hand sanitizer


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