3:30 Meeting begins – 4 PTO Members in attendance.

3:35 Reviewed the Upcoming PTO Calendar May – July

May PTO Events

May 4 – 26th PTO will be selling tickets for the Dory Movie.  They will be on sale until they sell out.  Shipley sponsoring.  

May 5th PTO General Meeting/PTO Elections in the Multi Purpose Room 2:00

May 7th A Night of Inspiration – Please be there and invite your friends. Ms. Shepard will be hosting science experiments in the Multi purpose room. The AZ Science Center is coming too and so is the Phoenix Astronomical Society and their telescopes. There will be human sized hamster balls too.  It’s going to be a truly inspired night SCIENCE! It’s also our SPRING Fundraiser. Cost to put on the Science Night was close to $2,000. Vendors table will help to off set the cost. We are hoping to earn $500 on table sales. The cost to attend is $5.00 per person. We are hoping for 500 people, but only need 300 to break even. 18 volunteers will be needed – watch for the sign up and PLEASE volunteer!!!! Vendor Space is still available.

May 16-20th Teacher Appreciation Week  PTO will organize lunch for the teachers and staff each day.  Students will be asked to participate with daily appreciation.  An emailed flier already went out. Paper copies will go home on Wednesday.

May 17 Spring Concert PTO will provide Lemon Aid and Cookies 6:30 PM Please donate cookies.


May 25th 9:30 Stellar Student Award Tables / 11:45 Clean Up Stellar Awards PTO sets up tables

May 26th Early release/11:30 -1:00 Yearbook Party/Uniform Sale/Kona Ice. Volunteers will be needed for this event.

May 26thish Family Restaurant Night

June PTO Events

June 18th DORY MOVIE with Shipley

July PTO Events

July 25th -29 Teacher Treats

July 29th Teacher Lunch

July 29th Meet the Teacher Night

3:50 Announced upcoming Volunteer Opportunities: Night of Inspiration on May 7 18 volunteers needed, Teacher Appreciation Week May 16-20, watch for food sign ups. Uniform Sale May 23 – 26 volunteers needed to collect, fold set up and sell uniforms. Watch for sign up.

3:55 Announced Open PTO Board Positions: PTO desperately needs a few more volunteers on the Board. Elections will be held May 5th. There will be 2-4 Open Positions on the Board next year and a lot of room for active Committee Members to jump on sub-committees. No interested volunteers expressed their interest at this time. Others are encouraged to email prior to the May 5th meeting.

4:00 Reviewed Budget The Budget had many ins and outs recently. Daddy Daughter Dance/Dory/NOI/Playground Improvements and others. A complete Budget Update will be provided at the May 5th meeting.

Updates: March Madness earned $900. Losing the Read-a-Thon cost $5,000.

4:10 Reviewed Old Business: The PTO was asked to discuss a proposal to support the administration and help pay for the outstanding balance for new playground improvements. Specifics: The administration had originally asked the PTO to ‘improve’ the playground area near the basketball court. The PTO Board was open to providing a Spring Fundraising Opportunity, with a portion of the fundraiser being put toward this effort. A Boy Scout then worked with the administration to improve the playground. In order to complete the project, he had to fundraise to raise the money to complete the project. The actual cost was $4,568.34. The PTO was one of the first to donate. We donated $499.00 towards the project. This money was taken from the Budget-line “Improvements”. More fundraising money is still coming in, but in total he estimates that he will have raised is $2,849.84 plus other donations like pizza, water, a wheel barrow, 4 shovels and many bags of rubber mulch. The difference is estimated to be $1,718.50. The PTO was asked by the administration to help off set this cost. The PTO disused this request, a proposal was made to donate an additional $518.50 toward the projects cost. It was passed 4Y, 0N, 0A

4:20 Updated New Business:

What is the Night of Inspiration? It’s a Super Science Night! Let’s get the whole school there. Great time to show off students STEM skills in a fun atmosphere.

Who can be a Vendor? Any one who wants to get the world out about themselves, their business or their opportunity. Examples: Camps, summer programs, candles, Realtors, Insurance agents. We have room for many more vendors. Applications are at the front desk.

How many Volunteers are Needed? 5 for Engineering tables, 5 for Astronomy Tables, 5 for Brain Game tables, 2 for Hamster Ball safety, 1 for blow up obstacle course safety.

4:35 Closed Meeting

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