Teacher Appreciation Week

Hello Candeo Families,

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week is coming soon!teacher week

Below you will see how students and parents can honor their teachers

each and everyday during the week of May 16-20.

PTO will also be coordinating lunch for teachers and staff every day

during Teacher Appreciation Week.

The schedule will be available soon. Please watch for the sign up link.

Questions: Email CandeoPTO@gmail.com

MONDAY May 16th

Let your teachers know how much you value them! On any sized paper, use the letters of your teacher’s LAST NAME to describe your teachers most fitting qualities.  Be artistic!  Example: SANDERS Super, Awesome, Nice, Dedicated, Enthusiastic, Remarkable, Strong

TUESDAY May 17th

Create it —— Make it —– Draw it ——- Paint it! Do what ever it takes to make something of your own design to show your teachers that you treasure them.


Summer HERE WE COME! Help your teacher get ready for summer. Ideas: Beach things, Travel items, Things that help you cool down or Things that help you have fun and just relax.


Share YOUR favorite TREAT with your teacher or if you already know what your teacher enjoys, make sure they’ve got it today! Ideas: Bag of apples, your favorite granola concoction, sweet treat, or gift card to special place where they can go and enjoy your treat later.

FRIDAY May 20th

Make it FUN! This day is for FREE thinking! Get creative! The TEACHERS and STAFF at CANDEO have helped you grow and thrive all year long. Can you show them that they are truly appreciated?  Don’t forget our Specials Teachers.


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