Use Your AZ Tax Credit and Support Candeo

DID YOU KNOW?  Arizona tax law (ARS 43-1089.01) allows taxpayers a TAX CREDIT of up to $400 per household if they contribute to extracurricular activities in public schools like CANDEO. 

The $400 maximum state credit is available for taxpayers who are married and filing jointly.  For single taxpayers or heads of household, the state tax credit cannot exceed $200.  This means that most taxpayers are eligible to assist a public school at no cost, since the entire amount of the donation is credited back in their Arizona state taxes.

To participate, download a Candeo tax credit form HERE

Feel free to contact Candeo directly and ask more questions about this program.  They will be happy to share with you more details about how this program benefits schools.  Click here to email CANDEO for more information.
All contributions are deposited into a central fund which supports extracurricular activities at Candeo Peoria. Generally, any activities that supplement the educational program of the school are considered to be extracurricular activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Fine Arts Performances
  • School Clubs
  • Student Leadership
  • Academic Competitions
  • Athletics


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