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Good News about the “Raise the Stage” Penny Drive – The counting is FINALLY finished from the 2nd Penny Drive collection!

Have you seen the results? You may have noticed that many classes have negative totals (10th place – 25th place)…yikes!! But no worries – Start collecting those pennies!

The third and final collection day will be on November 10th and the winners will be announced at the Turkey Trot on November 14th…will it be your class?

2 Prizes will be awarded. One to the class with the highest total and one to the class with the lowest total – GOOD LUCK!

RESULTS going tin to the final Penny Drive Collection Day:
1st: Becher $82.29
2nd: Symchak $16.18
3rd: Wisniewska $14.52
4th: Luzny $7.68
5th: Elmore $3.68
6th: Stewart/Kingston $2.24
7th: Tabor $1.42
8th: Dollar $0.63
9th: Davenport $0.13
10th: Woods -$0.05
11th: Sheppard -$0.30
12th: Pennell -$1.13
12th: Urick -$1.13
13th: Uhlert -$2.56
14th: Hodor -$3.03
15th: Curtis -$4.18
16th: Bellinaso -$6.59
17th: Banek -$7.45
18th: Bearden -$8.51
19th: Palmer -$9.19
20th: Moeller -$12.74
21st: Cannon -$15.56
22nd: Hirst -$17.35
23rd: Kersch -$27.41
24th: De La Cruz -$47.57
25th: Renner -$57.56

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