Candeo Penny Drive Just 1 Collection Day Left

Penny Drive Update – Last Penny Drive Collection Day – Nov. 10th
Prizes will go out to the class with the HIGEST total and LOWEST total.
Pennies + Silver and Dollars –

1st Place Becher $82.29
2nd Place Symchak $16.18
3rd Place Wisniewska $14.52
4th Place Luzny $7.68
5th Place Elmore $3.68
6th Place Stewart/Kingston $2.24
7th Place Tabor$1.42
8th Place Dollar $0.63
9th Place Davenport $0.13
10th Place Woods -$0.05
11th Place Sheppard -$0.30
12th Place Pennell -$1.13
12th Place Urick -$1.13
13th Place Uhlert -$2.56
14th Place Hodor -$3.03
15th Place Curtis -$4.18
16th Place Bellinaso -$6.59
17th Place Banek -$7.45
18th Place Bearden -$8.51
19th Place Palmer -$9.19
20th Place Moeller -$12.74
21st Place Cannon -$15.56
22nd Place Hirst -$17.35
23rd Place Kersch -$27.41
24th Place De La Cruz -$47.57
25th Place Renner -$57.56

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