Raise the Stage Penny Drive Update

Candeo Peoria PTO  –  Raise the Stage Penny Drive

Prize will be awarded to the Class with the Highest Total on Nov. 14th.

Remember Pennies Add to a classes total. Other Coins and Dollars are subtracted from a classes total.

Total raised so far SCHOOL-WIDE $220.49!

Next Penny Drive Collection Day: OCT. 22

Last Penny Drive Collection Day: Veterans Day Assembly

Congratulations going out to Ms. Symchek’s 1st Grade Class – You are in the lead!

1. SymchekCandeo Peoria PTO's photo.
2. Stewart/Kingston
3. Hodor
4. Hirst
5. Bellinaso
6. Urick
7. Banek
8. Cannon
9. Brearden
10. Becher
11. De La Cruz
12. Wisniewska
13. Wood
14. Davenport
15. Dollar
16. Pennell
17. Kersch
18. Ehlert
19. Luzy
20. Elmore
21. Palmer
22. Moeller
23. Curtis
24. Renner

*Note: Tabor’s Class is still to be counted. Results will be updated.


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