Raise the Stage Penny Drive Starts September 18

candeo penny drive

It used to be that communities would come together to build a neighbors barn. By cooperating on projects like these, communities ensured that they were prepared for the future. Today, communities still gather together to support causes that are meaningful, but instead of raising barns they raise funds. Funds that can then be used to accomplish common goals.

Will you help make the impossible possible? It’s pretty much impossible for one person to raise a barn. It takes a lot of people all working together. Our school is in the process of banding together to support a project that will benefit the entire Candeo Community. We are banding together to help “RAISE the STAGE”!

The Penny Drive kicks off the the Raise the Stage effort on September 18th. Pennies and other spare change will be collected at drop off on 9/18 and again on 10/22. The last collection day will be held on the morning of the Veterans Day Assembly.

On November 14th we will celebrate our collaborative effort at the Turkey Trot. This years Turkey Trot will be Bigger and Better than ever. The event will be kicked off with a Fun Run and will be followed by a Festival full of booths, games, food and a silent auction. Stay tuned for more details!

Help carry on the tradition of barn raising, help CANDEO Raise the Stage! Every member of the Candeo Community is encouraged to do what they can to help Raise the Stage and then come to the Turkey Trot to CELEBRATE all of our hard work!


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