Join us… Who’s Ready to Play?

As summer break is winding down Candeo School is ramping up.  The teachers are busily preparing their classrooms for students.  The maintenance crew has been working hard to finish floors, move furniture back into classrooms and finish all other projects they have on their never ending “to do lists”.  The administrative staff has been running from one end of the building to the other to prepare the school as well.

Your Candeo PTO is no different.  We have been meeting and planning for the upcoming year as well and we are very excited to continue rocking the old Candeo traditions and rolling out some new activities as well.  Our goal.. just like in years before, is to HAVE FUN!  And it’s more fun with you.  Wanna join us?  We will have a table set up at Meet the Teacher, on Friday the 31st, with many ways for you to get involved, have some fun and make a difference.  Please bring $10 (either cash or a check) to join the PTO officially and if you miss us at  ‘meet the teacher’, no worries.  Membership is alway OPEN.  Please email Candeopto@gmail.com if you would like to help us continue to grow the Candeo community.  Well get back to you with upcoming PTO events and volunteer opportunities.



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